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Spice Blends from a Legal Spice Herbal Smoke Head Shop is becoming the new legal smoking choice for many, because its the Best Legal Herbal High


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Herbal Spice Smoke articles and Spice Herbal Smoke Reviews on 50 State Legal Herbal Spice Highs. Buying Spice Blends from a Legal Spice Herbal Smoke Shop is becoming the new legal smoking choice for many. The main reason being because they really work and are one of the best Legal Herbal Highs.

Smoking herbs is nothing new, it has been used for ages by all civilizations for ceremonial purposes. Spice Herbal Blends are made of a collection of plants, entheogens, and other rare botanical extracts, designed to help you see things from a different perspective. The pleasing taste and aroma of herbal spice blends from a good online Spice Smoke Shop will stimulate the senses and make your cares and stress just melt away.

Some spice herbal blends contain prohibited herbs and entheogens in their ingredients resulting in a product that is not legal in many USA States. This is not the case with herbal spice incenses from the Spice Smoke Shop we recommend. All of the products from our recommended smoke sites are allowed by law and are free from harmful, and illegal ingredients and can be freely purchased by any USA citizen.

We gathered some articles on Spice Herbal Smoking, Spice Legal Highs smoking subjects and some recommended Spice Head Shops below. So sit back, relax, spark-up a legal one and read some legal spice smoking articles.


Spice Herbal

Spice herbal smoke is the next generation of smoking products in a long line of smoking products stretching right back to times long before even the birth of Christ. Many people consider smoking legal bud to be simply the next logical step in a saga that has included substances as varied as lemongrass and marijuana, tobacco and even opium. Certainly, finding ways to experience a mild smoking high is nothing new, and the only the manner and type of smoking herbs that are used has changed much over the years.

Evolution of Spice Herbal Incense

The oldest known tradition of smoking legal herb of any kind is found around 2000 B.C. in India, where the sacred text the Atharva Veda mentions cannabis as "one of the five sacred plants." In Hindu temples and during certain Hindu festivals, one of the three types of cannabis may be consumed: bhang, ganja, or hashish. Although the first of these, bhang, is a liquid mixture drunk by the worshiper, the second and third are both what amounts to smoking legal buds. Although smoking herbs such as cannabis is technically illegal in India today, spiritual wise men known as sadhus still participate in the rituals by smoking herbal spice mixtures that include marijuana among other sacred plants.

The next evidence we see for spice herbal incense precedents occurs a couple thousand years later in ancient Chinese culture. Taoist and other ancient Chinese texts describe smoking herbal blends that include cannabis and other sacred plants as a medicine. In addition to the medicinal qualities of the herbal spice mixtures, the Chinese used these plants to commune with the spiritual world and to "make their bodies light".

In North America, anyone who wants to know, "What is herbal spice?" must look all the way back to Native American tribes that were here when Christopher Columbus landed. Tribes such as the Cherokee and Mohawk would seal all peace treaties and important agreements by smoking herbal spice mixtures in the peace pipe. These mixtures included plants as varied as tobacco, lemongrass, and wild lettuce, which the Native Americans believed would carry their words up to the Great Spirit in the herbal smoke.


Health Effects of Spice Herbal Smoking

One thing many people are asking is whether or not smoking legal buds will make them sick or have negative health effects. Certainly there is a place for moderation regarding this new trend in smoking highs, but then all things are good in moderation. Why, you can even have negative health effects from drinking too much water! (try googling "water poisoning" sometime). The real question is whether or not spice herbal smoking has health consequences out of proportion to the benefits it offers, and whether or not those consequences are due to proper or improper practices of smoking herbal spice.

Over the years the idea of smoking legal herb could even be applied to smoking opium. New York's opium dens in the 1800's were well-known pits of despair and disease, and London's version of the opium den was popularized by such authors as Arthur Conan Doyle (the creator of Sherlock Holmes). Yet these places were surely good examples of a substance whose disadvantages clearly outweighed the benefits, with users becoming hollowed shells of human beings tucked away and lost to society at large.

Though detractors would like to paint such a picture for the public of the practice of, spice herbal incense the fact is that there is little to no evidence it is anything like that. Smoking herbal blends involves no known addiction that has been proven, has yet to be linked to any specific negative health effects, and is certainly far less harmful than many of the substances that have been legal at times, including marijuana and heroin (opium). In fact, although there have been accusations made by various authorities, no negative health effects have yet been documented due to smoking legal bud for the simple reason that there are no tests yet able to determine whether or not a person has been smoking herbal spice products.


Benefits of the Spice Herbal Alternative

The biggest benefit many people see to spice herbal smoking is that it is legal in the United States compared to some of the alternatives. That doesn't mean that it's a marijuana substitute, rather that it is an alternative in the same sense that an alternative to McDonald's is Burger King. The only difference in the spice herbal market is that one alternative happens to be legal and the other not, presenting a definite market advantage in terms of distribution and availability to the legal alternative.

Most people want to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their leisure habits will not impinge on the rest of their lives in an unwelcome fashion. The need to pass a drug test is for many people a significant barrier preventing them from considering many of the smoking options, and so spice herbal smoking becomes an attractive alternative. Given that opium smoking is highly addictive (and extremely detrimental to health besides); marijuana is listed as a controlled substance and the presence of THC in the bloodstream will cause you to fail a drug test; and tobacco smoking is for many people a disgusting and unattractive habit (although legal)—means that the best and smartest option is the herbal smoking alternative.

The fact that people are only know beginning to ask, "What is herbal spice?" only shows their ignorance of the history of medical and spiritual matters. When the tapestry of history is considered, including the many uses of smoking by shamans, medicine men, and spiritual guides in the past, it is not surprising in the least that herbal spice incenses have become a popular smoking choice. What is surprising is that the various authorities in various locations have tried to stop it.

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