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Chances are you got to this page by Googling "BUY HERBAL SPICE". Trying to buy herbal spice online these days requires a careful navigation of all the various ads wanting you to buy spice from them, advertising theirs is the "best herbal spice at the lowest price", and all kinds of other cheesy advertising slogans.

First thing you need to know is that there is no such thing as a "Spice Sale". This isn't Target; there are no discount racks in the spice smoking world; and furthermore if you seek out the cheapest price in anything what you usually end up with is a lot of cheap crap that breaks the next day. Incense is no different—if you go looking for the lowest price cheap herbal spice, what you will probably end up with is some guy's lawn clippings from 1995 and a headache. So perish the thought from your noggin, and let's go on to point # 2.

There are a lot of spice herbal products out there, and it can be confusing for anyone trying to buy herbal spice for the first time. The fact that you're looking to buy herbal spice online means that you've at least figured out the best way to get yourself some spice smoke—all that remains is which one to get. Anyone who's looking to smoke spice for the first time would be wise to stay away from some of the more potent brands—it's better to try something a little bit less potent for your first experience with herbal incense.

A couple of other things anyone looking to buy spice and check out the effects for himself should know. Although what was said above about buying cheap herbal spice is definitely true, that doesn't mean you need to spend a C-note to get some of the best herbal spice on the market today. Just read a few of these herbal spice reviews, and pick out one of the flavors that will run you around $10 for a gram. You should be able to get a very good idea of what it's like to smoke spice for that amount of money.

Now, one last thing: Many of the spice vendors out there also sell things like herbal pills and herbal bath salts. In contrast to herbal incense, the trend of snorting bath salts is definitely a dangerous and hazardous occupation, and this website in no way condones that practice. A lot of herbal spice vendors will sell something like a spice herbal extract that is made from the resin of the spice smoking product—feel free to try that out if you want. It's made from the same things.

And should you happen across one of the better herbal incense brand names at an online spice sale, feel free to get some and prove us wrong.

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